Trauma Informed Care

In today’s world, trauma is prevalent and can have a profound impact on the individuals we encounter, whether they are clients or colleagues. Understanding the effects of trauma and providing compassionate, trauma-informed care is crucial to effectively supporting those affected. Our comprehensive workshop aims to delve into the intricacies of trauma, its biological manifestations, long-term consequences, and the principles of trauma-informed care.

Participants in this training will gain a deep understanding of what trauma entails, including its psychological, emotional, and physical effects. We will explore the biological processes that occur when an individual experiences trauma, helping attendees develop empathy and insight into the complex experiences of trauma survivors.

Moreover, this workshop will equip participants with practical tools and strategies to incorporate trauma-informed care practices into their everyday interactions within both professional and personal settings. By adopting trauma-informed care, individuals can foster emotional and physical safety, promote cultural sensitivity, and empower those they support.

Throughout the training, we will explore the guiding principles of trauma-informed care, emphasizing the importance of creating a safe and empowering environment. Attendees will learn how to cultivate a sustainable foundation in any work setting, where strength, engagement, and recovery can flourish.

By the end of the workshop, participants will possess the knowledge and skills necessary to provide trauma-informed care, creating positive and lasting impacts on the lives of those they serve. Join us on this transformative journey and become an agent of change in building sustainable services through compassionate support.

Workshop Details:

  • Duration: 7 hours
  • Suitable for: 8 to 30 participants
  • Special rates available for non-profit organizations
trauma informed care by trainer trina kennedy

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